We were fortunate to recognize early on that in today’s society, having a web presence alone was no longer going to be sufficient. iMobile Solutions built us a mobile app and made the process very simple, quick, and cost-effective. Above all, we believe that our mobile app increases sales by boosting our visibility and marketability. Customers see our logo on their phones every day which increases the likelihood of them calling us when they need our services. Our app provides help and access to solutions when our customers are in a stressful auto accident. They have told us that they like how easily our mobile app gives them information on what to do first, provides them a way to get in contact with a towing company, and makes it easy to get in touch with us for guidance on how to proceed with filing insurance claims and schedule repairs. Our mobile app also increases repeat business by accelerating contact with our company. We like the ability to quickly send announcements to our customers through push promotions, because this, too, builds sales. And finally, as an added benefit, our mobile app provides fun features for our customers, like access to “Where Did I Park” and social media websites. Having a mobile app is essential in the current business environment, and gives us the competitive edge that we hoped for.

Rolinda Glenn, Proprietor

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