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No Payment for 30 days plan.

We Work To Earn Your Business Every Month!

The iMobileApp platform and our exceptional client service will exceed your expectations. Many optional features are available for use in customizing your iMobileApp. We will work closely with you to determine if additional features might better benefit your specific business and clientele.

Payment Programs Available.


We provide 3 different payment options:

Month-to-month payments

This payment option consists of an upfront one-time development fee and a recurring monthly service fee. You may de-activate your app at any time – there are no penalties and you are not locked into a contract.

Installment payments

This payment option is similar to the month-to-month payments option above. The only difference is that this option allows you to break the upfront development fee into three equal monthly payments.

Annual payments

This payment option allows you to save on your development fee and monthly recurring maintenance fees by committing to a two-year development and service agreement.

Contact us for specific pricing for your iMobileApp Development, build, and ongoing servicing.

Beware the “fast app” toy. Do not settle for less.

If you scour the internet you will find plenty of companies promising easy “1-2-3” mobile apps. These “fast apps” are fine if you have a garage band or a lemonade stand, but not if you’re serious about growing your business while providing your clientele with exceptional service and/or product. A mobile app for your business is not a toy. It’s one of the most important customer “touches” providing active two-way communication in a powerful marketing tool that will have significant impact on both your top and bottom line.

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