Five sources (other than us) that say your business needs a mobile application:

As a company that has dedicated itself to mobile app and mobile website development for businesses of all shapes and sizes, we know that mobile technology is the future of business marketing – a future that is right around the corner!

Business owners, marketing directors, and even casual observers can all see that the majority of American eyeballs are glued to their smartphone screens, and you’re not wrong if you think that number is growing.

Here are a few top industry sources that back up and support what we already know and that you should, too: If you’re a business owner or manager and you don’t have a mobile marketing strategy that includes a branded mobile application, you’re behind the curve.

The evolution of technology adoption and usage.

1. Demographics of Smartphone Owners: Today, roughly three-quarters of Americans own a smartphone. That number has doubled in just the last 7 years and is projected to eclipse the number of Americans who use social media or have mobile broadband at home. That means, that with a mobile application, you’ll be able to reach your customers directly through their preferred communication device. These numbers are even more staggering when you consider that 92% of 18- to 29-year-olds have a smartphone. There has also been a surge recently in the number of Americans over the age of 50 owning a smartphone, with that number jumping up to 74%. So while older Americans continue to join the mobile revolution, the new wave of millennial consumers is already here. (

2.What Are These Mobile Users Doing on Their Smartphones? It may be ironic that the word ‘phone’ even makes up part of the name of that handy device we carry around in our pocket these days. Instead of making phone calls, smartphones have become Americans’ preferred method of consuming digital media and accessing the internet. The vast majority of time spent using a smartphone is focused on app usage – 88% in fact, versus only 12% on mobile web. When it comes to retail, mobile app usage accounts for 54% of mobile time spent and that number is up 10% from a year ago. The fact is, smartphone users are turning towards mobile apps to make purchases and to make other real life behaviors more convenient. (

Bar graph showing the statistics of mobile apps.

3.What Type of Customer Uses a Mobile App? A Loyal One… And a repeat one at that! A customer that is willing to download your business’s mobile app will spend 20 times longer using your app than a user who visits your mobile website. This translates into higher conversion rates and quicker responses to or awareness of various promotions of which they are most likely to take advantage. Mobile Apps can also accommodate loyalty rewards or VIP programs that your newer, younger clientele will greatly appreciate. (

4 Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App and a Mobile Website: Mobile apps and mobile websites serve different purposes and attract different types of users. A mobile website is accessible to a larger and broader user base, but a mobile app will appeal to loyal and repeat customers which leads to higher revenue. And while statistics show that mobile websites have more monthly unique visitors than a business’s mobile app, website users spend less than a minute on site while mobile app users are much stickier. This means a business needs both to capture casual consumers as well as repeat customers. (

5. Branding. Recognition. Engagement: A business with a branded mobile app builds recognition and trust with its users and makes sure those users turn into customers who are always just a touch away. Occupying a user’s ‘home screen real estate’ in an age of information overload is a simple way to make sure your message is being heard and that your brand is visible to your customers and potential customers at all times. The more often a user sees your logo on their home screen, the more likely they are to spend money with your business. (

Taking your business’s mobile marketing strategy to the next level by employing a mobile app in your arsenal doesn’t have to be expensive and you don’t need a coding background. Find out how you can have your branded application live in the iTunes and Google Play App Stores in less than 4 weeks!

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