With the mobile app revolution, Push Notifications have become one of the leading methods for businesses to engage their customers. In a recent poll by Direct Marketing News, it was found that 84 percent of millennials alone act on Push Notifications. That is a staggering statistic, especially when compared to traditional mass email which produces more in the 20 percent range.

Any business benefits from the ability to share instant updates and make consistent client contact and push notifications are a simple and highly effective way to do this, and a must for any cohesive marketing strategy.

iMobileApp has one of the most robust and easy-to-use push notification features available on the market!

Our push notification system has a great deal of options for customization that helps you target users the right way:

1) Choose your notification audience:

  • All Users or Specific Area Users.
  • Set a Radius – Allows you to set a circular send-zone around one location.
  • Set a Geo-fence – The geo-fencing feature is a huge value-add to the push notification system and the marketability of our apps. You can fence off a specific area for your push notification, and when users enter that area, they’ll automatically receive the message on their device.
  • You can even publish your message to your social media sites (Facebook and/or Twitter) right from your iMobileApp Client Panel.

2) Customize your push notification:

  • Link your message to a website URL – Was your company mentioned in a news article or press release lately? Let your customers know by directing them to the page.
  • Link to a specific tab within your app – Did you create a special tab for a big event and/or sale that’s going on? The notification can open to that tab so that all information is presented to the customer.
  • Add a template-based message to your push notification right from our system – Think of this as creating a customized mini-flyer.

3) Use Our “Best Practices” when utilizing push notifications:

  • Schedule your push notification to be sent out at a future date and time – If you know you will be on vacation or away, you can schedule the message ahead of time. Or use this “set it and forget it” feature to better manage your time. You can always edit the message or timing if needed.
  • Filter your push notification by subscription categories – This will allow you to target the right users and avoid bugging the wrongs ones. All push notifications will be viewable in the app, regardless of users’ specific subscription settings, but only users subscribed to a list will receive alerts from it.
  • Create target groups or users (or both!) – You have the ability to create more customized push notifications for your Membership Accounts. Need to alert your customers about a big event? Can do. Just select that group from the list and only users registered to that group will receive the alert and see the message in their Messages tab.

Like any great feature, push notifications are only as good as you make them — the more strategic your implementation, the better they’ll serve you. So time your messages wisely, get creative, show off your brand’s personality, and return will be imminent.

A graphic showing steps for creating  push notifications.

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