A crucial marketing challenge is to get people to download your mobile app. There are many approaches you may use to increase app downloads, such as promoting your app before it is launched, actively blogging, and obtaining testimonials. In the meantime, you can start now with a simple Facebook button.

Facebook recently announced a new button called “Use our App or Game” which you should add to your Facebook business page.  When you link it directly to your app you are giving your Facebook visitors a “one click” method to download and use your app!

Creating a Call to Action (CTA) button will drive your visitors to click-through and engage further with your business by downloading your app. CTA’s have proven to be successful in getting target audiences to take the desired actions. Below are some proven facts:

To create your Call to Action button:

1. Log on to your Facebook business page

2. Click on Add a Button

Screenshot of iMobileApp Facebook business page

3. Select Use our App from the Choose a Button drop-down menu

Screen of button selection on facebook.com

4. Enter your app URL in the website field

Screen of app link being changed on facebook.com

5. Click Save Changes, and admire your new button!

Screen of Tailored4mobile business page with new edits done on facebook.com

Now every visitor who comes to your Facebook page will see your Call To Action “Use App” and will know exactly what they need to do to download your app.  One click on your CTA and they will be able to easily and quickly download your app.

Your next step is to connect with your customers and market your brand.  We, at iMobileApp, will help you with this project as well.

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