It’s without a doubt that mobile has transformed our lives. We’re able to communicate faster, plan faster, and connect faster. More and more companies are beginning to see that mobile is here to stay. More importantly, that mobile applications are here to stay along with it. Today, the mobile application is as every bit important as a website. From 2011 to 2015 the Apple app store has grown 300%, it began the 2015 year with 1.4 billion applications in its market (3). Also, in that same timeframe mobile app revenue grew from $8.32 billion to $45.37 billion, a 445% growth (2).

It may seem that this technological revolution will leave small businesses in the dust. In 2012, the average cost to develop a mobile application for the Apple app store was $27,463, an amount we found to be unfair. Our innovative platform at iMobileApp has allowed us to exponentially lower the development price. We can help small and medium sized businesses participate in this technological revolution. But enough about us…, we found some more interesting statistics about mobile: During the Third Quarter of 2015 16.4% of retail e-commerce was done through mobile, a statistic that grew about 148% since the First Quarter of 2011(1). Mobile has transformed the way we purchase goods.

We can attribute the growth of mobile to one simple word, convenience. Shopping, communicating, and entertainment are all in the palm of our hands. Today’s marketers are flocking to mobile as it creates an intimate connection with their customers. It allows them to be a part of their customer’s life, therefore not only does it enhance customer loyalty, it does so by creating a personal bond with the brand.



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