As a business owner, you are always looking to stay ahead of the curve. Understanding that an app is a powerful multi-faceted marketing and communication tool that can help grow your business, you have already taken steps to put yourself well ahead of the rest when you created your iMobileApp. If you have been using your app to push promotions and loyalty programs, and to foster a direct, efficient line of communication with your clientele, then you’re already seeing higher revenue for your business. If you are not doing these things already, no problem – we are here to help!

The underlying goal at iMobileApp is to help your business take advantage of and utilize your app without all the confusing technology jargon and steep learning curves so you can focus on what is really important: your business. At iMobileApp, we do all the heavy lifting and can help manage your app output… leaving you free to focus on other matters!

You already know that smartphones allow your customers to stay in touch with friends and family, stay on top of their day-to-day tasks, stream music and video, and much more. Utilizing that vast market demographic, how do you make your app stand out above the rest without incurring extra costs? The iMobileApp platform gives you unlimited access to a huge variety of functions and features that other mobile app platforms do not, unless you pay extra.

A mobile app provider should put a large emphasis on customer engagement, provide optimal client services, allow content creation, and cover a broad smartphone market share. Our platform was created with these key features in mind, knowing what business owners and managers such as you need in order to have a meaningful and successful mobile application for your customers’ use.

The business mobile app process.

Customer Engagement: A business without customers is not a business, and at the end of the day, happy, engaged customers will keep coming back to your business. The goal of your mobile app is to keep customers happy and engaged. Give them what they want and give them 24-hour, unfettered access to your business at the simple touch of a button.The iMobileApp platform is feature-rich in engagement and communication functionality:

  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Custom in-app customer loyalty programs
  • One-touch dial/email
  • E-commerce integration
  • Social media integration
  • Social sharing tools – quick pic and fan wall
  • Landing screen scrolling feeds

The list goes on. All these features – and many others – are included in your subscription. Translation: You have access to all of this right now!

Additionally, the iMobileApp Push Notification feature is one of the best on the market. Push notifications are fully customizable and can be scheduled to go out at pre-established intervals and can be targeted to specific user-groups or geographic areas.

Client Services: iMobileApp’s approach to client services is 100% business-oriented, and we understand that each business is 100% unique. We provide mobile app client services to a variety of business verticals and we know that some businesses like to take advantage of our App Management Program -allowing us to take the reigns – and others are more hands-on and enjoy having full control of their app. Whichever approach you take, our goal is to ensure that you and your business have a successful mobile application. At iMobile App, we work with our clients every step of the way. We provide customized marketing material and download strategies, and provide our clients with the support they need to use their mobile app to maximize return on investment. With offices located on the East coast and in the mid-West, our clients know they can always reach us by phone or email.

Content Creation: The iMobileApp interface is clean and simple. Our platform contains top-of-the-line business-oriented features and functionality that are the basis for any real business mobile app experience:

  • Website integration
  • Newsletter services
  • Social media integration
  • QR code scanner
  • E-commerce store back-ends
  • HTML “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” (WYSIWYG) editors

Furthermore, we allow for easy third-party integration, thus extending your mobile app’s user experience.

Will you use all of these features and functions? It all depends on you. Again, we do not limit your access and it is already included in your package. You can start with some and add as you go; you can turn them on and you can turn them off…it’s really that simple. All these services are built into the app so writing new code is never necessary.

Smartphone Market Share: The iMobileApp platform allows your business to have a well-built and tested mobile application that will work on all Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. And since iPhone and Android phones account for 98% of the smartphone market share in the United States, this is no small feat!

Behind the scenes, we keep your business app updated with the most current mobile app software available, and we ensure that your mobile app “engine” is running and finely tuned!

You have already taken the first step in developing a custom mobile application for your business and partnering with a company that gives you all the features and functionality you need to have a successful mobile app! Keep your content relevant, keep your customers engaged and happy, keep them informed, and your iMobileApp will provide your customers a new door to your business.

Remember… We are here to help!

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