Google has begun the rollout of its “mobile-first” indexing of the web.  It’s been more than a year since the project underwent testing and experimenting. Google’s plan, as detailed in 2016, changes the way its search engine indexing will operate.  You can expect a shift in Google’s algorithms to focus on the mobile versions of a website in order to index its pages.

Google states that sites “migrating to mobile-first indexing via search console” will see an increase in crawl rates from the “Smartphone Googlebot.” What this initially means is that Google’s search engine will scan a website and use the indexed mobile version of a page rather than the desktop one. This focus indexing is an initiative taken for Google’s “Primary mobile” users, referring to the fact that the majority who use Google are on mobile devices.

Google says this will not affect how a site’s content is ranked, however, it also suggested that a mobile-friendly website will perform better in search results. 

Google also assured webmasters that sites that are not mobile-ready will still be indexed and represented in their search index. No timeframe was given as to when this transition in their platform will complete.

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