This is the second part of our two series article that covers the advantages and utilization of SMS marketing. You can read the first part of this series here What are the Advantages of SMS Marketing?  As you might already know Mobile phones are the most used personal device today. In fact, the average American checks their phone every 12 minutes  – that’s an average of 80 times a day! Couple that with the fact that these devices are the primary source of information and entertainment for millennials and generation Z, and it doesn’t take long to realize the potential that SMS marketing holds.

It’s no surprise that businesses across the globe are implementing SMS as a key part of their marketing strategies. With its instant delivery, high open rate, an elevated level of engagement, and the fantastic return on investment, SMS marketing is beginning to leave more traditional forms of marketing behind.

How to Best Utilize SMS Marketing?

Generate New Customers

It goes without saying that perhaps the best use of SMS marketing is to generate new customers or clients. Often, businesses prospect new customers via SMS by sending special offers at the drop of a hat.

For instance, you may own a restaurant with a few empty tables tonight. You could draft a short message detailing a buy one entrée get another free offer, leaving a phone number to make a reservation. Suddenly the phone starts ringing, those 5 spare tables are taken, and your restaurant is fully booked for the evening.

This is obviously applicable to almost any industry. Got a few rooms to spare at your hotel? Send out a new customer discount. Having a sale at your clothing store? Tell everybody in your town within minutes of opening. There is no limit to the rewards and special offers you can send out to potential customers in order to convert them into sales.

Improved Customer Care

Text messages are a great way to improve your customer care and support offerings. They can be used in a whole host of ways to improve user experience and interaction with your brand.

Many businesses utilize SMS to implement reminders. Gym owners send text messages to members alerting them about expiring memberships. One SMS campaign reminding them that their membership is about to run out could see hundreds of them re-commit to another 12 months, securing you thousands of dollars in the process with a campaign that may have cost you less than $100.

In the same manner, you could set up billing alert campaigns for your customers. These texts could alert your customers to their latest invoice and how and when to pay it by, improving payment cycles and customer relationships in the process. Or even use it to announce important policy changes and reviews.

Finally, you may run a business that revolves around appointments or pre-defined time slots such as a dentist or an auto-repair shop. Text message alerts before the appointments remind them to turn up and protects against lost revenue due to no-shows or late arrivals. Similarly, you can let customers know that their car is ready for pick up when the work is complete, freeing up space for new arrivals, and reducing downtime for your workers.  

Increasing Sales from Existing Customers

Perhaps the most under-utilized method for SMS campaigns is to target existing customers. You can use their details such as purchase history or personal information such as birthdays to up-sell and cross-sell them different products.

Why not give them a birthday discount on their favorite product? Or send them an exclusive coupon for a complimentary product based on their purchasing habits? For example, why not offer a one-time exclusive discount for a personal trainer to all of your existing gym members? Just one text could result in a sale only a few minutes later.

For the very same reason, a lot of businesses use their campaigns to turn quiet days into prosperous ones by sending out a flash sale SMS campaign for that day only. This is extremely effective with existing customers as they already know and love your brand, so a great discount will get them flocking to either your online or physical store to make purchases. 

You could launch referral schemes, a VIP-loyalty program, or a member-only rewards club to increase customer retention and increase sales. Maybe you want to release a brand new product or service to existing customers first for feedback and testing, whilst gaining sales in the process. With one text campaign could see you get vital feedback and secure a full order book for its release date.   

When you send these promotions via other means such as email and social media posts, they may never be read. When you launch these programs via text message it feels direct and personal, increasing conversion rates and sales.

Incorporate SMS into Your Business Marketing Strategy Today

Whatever your reason for turning to SMS marketing, it is likely to be a great fit for your business as it is one of the least expensive yet most versatile marketing methods available today. We have excellent packages starting at just $49.99 a month, so when you are ready, why not sign up for a free trial today to experience the full power of SMS.

Read the first part of this article: What are the Advantages of SMS Marketing?

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